Toasting Wine on a Travel Event

Build Your Brand With Custom Travel Events

More dedicated fans & customers. A free vacation for you.* You could even make some money!*

A customized travel event is a great way to build your brand and connect with your customers, fans, and followers. Social Media Influencers can organize a trip that excites their followers and grows sponsorships. Local businesses can invite their best customers to travel somewhere that enhances their brand and customer loyalty. Non-profits can host fundraisers in beautiful destinations. And when you organize a group travel event, the organizer can travel for free, or even make money!*

Outward Travel combines our specialties in event planning, group travel, and technology to make it easy to design, promote, and execute a customized travel event. From group vacations to strategic sales events, we will design an experience that makes you a hero to your customers. We'll provide the tools and advice for recruiting participants, finding sponsors, collecting payments, and organizing schedules. We can even provide an on-site coordinator to keep all the details on track during the event.

Let's talk about your brand, your company, or your goals. We'll come up with some ideas and sample budgets, and then help you through every step of the process of launching and running your event.

What Outward Does For You

Hosting an event can be daunting, but we have successfully built large and small events, so we will guide you throughout the process. Outward Travel's services include:

  • Designing all the travel components
  • Booking and managing travel suppliers (airlines, hotels, tours, etc)
  • Managing all participants' travel arrangements
  • Managing contracts and critical payment deadlines
  • Collaborating on event experience design - from swag bags to signage
  • Advising on getting sponsors to increase revenue or decrease participant price
  • Naming and branding assistance, including digital or printed collateral**
  • Advising on a promotional & recruitment strategy
  • A dedicated branded website for guests to sign up
  • A private, participant-only website for guests to connect, or manage additional sign-ups**
  • Promoting your event through our channels
  • Providing on-site event management & coordination**

* Getting a free vacation or additional revenue depends on how your event is structured.
** Additional fees may apply.